A Moth Drawn to Purple Light

I feel an emptiness

as I stare into space.

If I traveled out there

would I understand

how full it is here?


I take a step forward

and it takes me back

many moons ago.

The color that year

was red,

I had already

transitioned away from

the purplish sky of new beginnings.


The solid color

made it seem like everything

was already decided

and I had the upper hand,

but that was not exactly

my forte.


Then out of the sky

dropped one of purplish hue

and I was drawn like

a moth to electric slaughter.

It did not matter

we had no similar interests

besides my ability

to break her language barrier,

she was purple

and I was a moth.


I clustered around her

and tried to assure

that everything would be ok

she would be red to someday,

unfortunately I did not mind the gap.

I fell through and she later became

that assured solid red

alongside other companions.


A mirror flips

and the red lipstick painted on


The purple blood

became the fluid of the dawn sky

as I became

the descending meteorite.


The red clustered around me

with their fluttering moth wings

greeting my new day.

They tried to mind the gap

but their varying shades

led to a fall.

Rocks from my world


but I did not.


Knowing both sides

I no longer

feel the sorry-for-myself

I used to feel.

I am no settling

for the calmly assured blue

of the midnight sky.

It is the time of moths,

not butterflies,

and I am conscious of my individuality

as a woman.

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