The shank bone

symbolizes the sacrifice

given by the innocent kid

to protect the first-borns of the family

seen as God’s children.




Red blood drawn

on the front of the home

near the mezuzah’s

holy contents

is the shield against

the angel of death.


An invisible old man

with the eyes of Argus

haunts down the avenues

and around the cul-de-sacs

of ancient Egypt.

The night is cold,

but he feels nothing.

An arm of an armless god,

all he understands

is the command to terminate.


The candles

are not yet sunk

in pallid wax puddles,

but their time is already

nearing to a close.

They are the innocent,

the unstained,

those whose passing

will be the most painful.


The kid must be a year old.

It must have no blemishes.

It must be male.

It must be

something that could have become

a worthy animal.

Potential is snuffed

just like the lives of those

God commanded the deaths of.


The Pharaoh is blamed.

A candle coated in gold

goes out.

His heir is snuffed

and it is finally dayenu.

The bloody doors open

to the chaos wreaked overnight.

No time is left to mourn

the lost potential

as the Israelites

flee the bloody streets

in hope of finding a new home.

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