Meditation on Biblical Home

Walls of water

encircle round,

this isn’t home.

For a time,

it was a warm place

filled with things

we could call our own,

but it wasn’t home.


It was

a stand-in,

a holding place,

like a finger in a dike.

Temporary and painful.

In the stories

and every year

we are told to yearn

for a homeland where we are

the majority.

Where is that exactly?


If the slipper fits…

maybe the prince will give us a home.

But he was stripped of his title

because he had sympathy for us,

the nuisances.

Why did he feel pity?

Is it because we looked like him?

Or is it because

he looked like us,

and our god choose him

to lead us home.


What is home?

A people in makeshift tents

living out of God’s pocket,

Egypt was better than this.

A golden calf,

reminiscent of mothering Hathor,

makes the desert seem

more like home.

But it isn’t right

and this isn’t home.


Our prince leaves us

and the new generation

born out of the cinders of the old

steps in the land of Canaan.

It is occupied

and we have to reconquer

our home.

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