Sunshine & Rainbows

An empty stomach

filled naught but with

memories and honeysuckle,

does that really cut it

for more than a short while?

It’s not as if what is over

can extend forever.

There is no ∞

even when those in the memories

say there is.


I wish you could be happy,

sunshine and rainbows

don’t really cut for you,

do they?

Even if I could rustle some up

it would be just as likely

to bring happiness

as the rain.


Of course,

I wasn’t there

for many of those sepia memories,

but I’m here now

in spirit at least.

I can’t physically

reach out and grip your hand

as you cry big tears

into the blankets.


If I could

transverse the freeways and fields

and not be stopped at the doorstep,

I would.

If I could

bring you with me

across the freeways and fields

past the doorstep,

I would.

But there’s

a time and place for everything,

isn’t there?

That time and this place,

called the present,

are not it, are they?


So I hope

that even as the storm clouds

gather round in nonsensical lines

that make sense

to half awake eyes,

you are at least


with the world.


I’m doing the best I can

and I know you are



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