The Independent Diabolo

A twirl of ribbons

extend from our hearts

and tangle/mingle with those of others,

this is what we call



Cloth ribbons

are not all the same texture;

a person can have cotton, burlap and silk

all from the same heart.

The silk strands

are what the spider uses

to draw the prey in,

everything else is hidden

deep inside.


A diabolo

swings up and down

on a thin string,


makes the diabolo fall.

It rolls away to what it hopes

is a better life:

a cave in a jungle

full of green tendrils.


Hiding in the cave

allows distance

and relaxation.

Forgive and forget.

The diabolo rolls out

to seek a no-strings attached life.

It is independent,

it can take care of itself,

it knows the ropes

and does not need them.


The green tendrils

emanating from the heart

of the spider

rise up at their chance

and seize the diabolo.

Does the spider even know

it is a spider?

or is this blind instinct?

The diabolo plays a while

and soon tires

of that old game.


Trying to escape

back to the free life,

it is caught

as the sticky green threads

become a green eyed monster

that wishes to again monopolize

and control

the diabolo.


A dog on a leash

told what is right and wrong,

is not the life the diabolo wants.

It tasted freedom

and has its own moral compass,

but the web is sticky

and words float above the dazzled eyes

of the spinning disks.

The string says the diabolo

owes it

for being there

and aiding in tricks.


The diabolo


they once had

a partnership,

but it is no longer interested.

This is contrary

to the string’s whims.

The string forgets

it dropped the diabolo

too many times to count

and the diabolo

felt the pain of Lucifer.


The diabolo

has been with many strings

and made many promises,

but none were unconditional.

It will not return.

It is a diabolo

it will perjure

to save itself.

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