An apology

is just a collection of words

muttered to attempt

to normalize.


The speaker

isn’t always aiming

to make things right.

Some are heartfelt,

while others are not.


I ask for distance

and I don’t get it.

An apology

muttered out

and then gossiped away

does not stand the test of time.



means space and time.

A long span of time

where I do not see you

behind my elbows,

that is distance.


10 seconds

10 minutes

30 minutes

1 hour

2 hours

1 day

1 week

1 month

1 year

none of those

are enough

to fill the healthy void.


I need to be

away and with others.

I am only an artificial light,

a fluorescent plant,

you need the true sun to grow

and I need space to grow.

It would be best

if we part ways.


I cannot apologize

for my actions,

I would not mean it

and I do not wish

to normalize.

So don’t come too near,

don’t depend on me,

I am a plant with stinging spines

and hoard all the water I get now

for myself.

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