Bodiless Grave Filled with Tears

Magnifying glasses floating

in a watery grave,

reflect and magnify

parts of a life

that went around the bend.


That person who floats

with concrete overshoes in the sea

is only a soul.

The body lingers

with such vast changes

it is occupied by another.


A slip of head

a smack

and the brain realigns

in a random mix-match.

Her daughter is gone,

Her love is gone,

Her student is gone,

a stranger instead reigns.


Told to be

she who was lost

is an impossible endeavor.

Even with the memories

and similarities

she is a fraternal twin

of what once was herself.


So let’s hold a funeral,

a memorial

for her that once was.

The new incarnation

will lead

and those who despair

can come and cry

their tears into the casket.

A new star has risen

and it is impossible

to go back.

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