A Dish Best Served Cold

Did I

cause this pain?

I think I did,

but I can’t feel remorse.

My feelings

are flat,

I don’t feel the pulsing

emotional line

of empathy.


I tried

to keep my head down

and live without incident.

But that failed

and life spiraled.

It was her fault really.


I kept my end

and never told her

as she vomited to me

what I thought of her.

At each word of disagreement,

I kept silent

until I reach a human safe haven

to which I could spill

my poisonous witch’s brew.


But a broken confidence

slipped and tripped

out another person’s

eager mouth.

They gave her the ability

to see my green poison

and bitten red apple.

She was no longer


and the transition



At her pain

I got my long awaited

dish of revenge

served at the perfect temperature.

I wasn’t flaming red

in passionate anger.

I was a calm and collected blue

and even before her eyes

were fully opened,

she could see that.

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