Peony Love

Under the peony tree

fall pink blossoms

tinged with yellow.

Like love,

they fall blindly

wherever it may land


At a support group

a bud forms:

a man of yellow star

and a man of pink triangle

both survived

and now can

live to love again.


In this prosperous land חדש

their relationship blossoms

and weathers the test of time.

Red passion and red anger

are both treated

with the same loving

peony bouquet.


In sickness and health

they love and cherish

one another.

Even as the frost begins to creep

up the roots of the peony tree

during the golden years,

fruit baskets full of favorites

and flower bouquets

continue to grace the mantle.


What was born out of

a shared misery and bereavement

became something more;

a balm for troubled souls

who never knew

if they would live past

the sins of yesteryear.


This poem, along with the other poems categorized under the Labkovski Project section, were written for the LAMOTH exhibit on David Labkovski’s life and art.

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