Lonely Ashes in the Sky

An ashy sky past June

looks down on the pawns of yesterday.

A hole is growing in G-d’s heaven.

It has been glaring down on us,

since the world began to modernize.


We are no longer just

the Christ-killer faith.

Those who look through

the godless spectacles

of “science”


our race is inferior.

They said my husband was away


and earning money for us.

They lied.


Alone and not;

one child at my breast,

another clutching my hand,

what will become of them

in this newly desolate world?

Is Ribono shel-oylam even looking at us

through his hole

in the eternal sky?


We are but a small family

lingering in the shrinking lights of the ghetto.

Pockets of solace

wept dry after a storm.

What is left for us?

What is left for those who survive?


This poem, along with the other poems categorized under the Labkovski Project section, were written for the LAMOTH exhibit on David Labkovski’s life and art.

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