Déjà Vu

Heterochromatic eyes

staring into the past and future.

A young boy

celebrating Purim

in 1932

feels two-fold

the burning heat

of genocidal threat.


A grogger shakes

as a hand rises to salute

the horrid mastermind

who rose to combat

those he thought were less

than his equals.


A time in Adar

was chosen for


Final Solution.


the time of new life,

was designated

a time of death

for those sons of Haman

whose lives

passed into Autumn.


Hitler predicted

a second Purim.

Ahasuerus could not annul

his previous decree.

When the future boy,

now a bereft man,

celebrates this second Purim

he burns a candle

in the hope there will not be

a third.


This poem, along with the other poems categorized under the Labkovski Project section, were written for the LAMOTH exhibit on David Labkovski’s life and art.

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