Awake in a Sleeping Plane

Grey and black doldrums

envelop my waking mind

during that seemingly blank infinity

where the most prominent sound

is the whooshing air

of the black sky outside the metal husk.


Everything crowds and breathes

in its own dream world.

A whole host of imaginary beings

occupy the empty space,

filling my ears

with repetitive murmurs

and a dreary cycle of pain

begins to emerge.


When the surroundings

were awake

their sounds consumed me.

I covered my ears

in an attempt

to black out their cries

because inside me

they woke up something more.

The zombies of my past mistakes

began to rise

from their untended graveyards.


My eyes look out

on the night sky

behind the double layer glass

but my mind is trapped.


by the multipliers

of hunger


and dead anger,

a mirror path leads

to my open memory theater

where the old favorites still play.

I need to escape,

but how?


A path often taken,

I could

knock myself

into an even deeper darkness

to escape the storm.

Then it would stop(?).

I could sleep

and become

like those around me

a zombie in someone else’s mind.

I choose,

to just wait for it to pass.

I’m not at a point yet

where I completely

exorcise my own demons.


There is no sun in the sky

as the plane passes across borders.

My fellow passengers

begin to awaken

and I get to talk

to their unimagined selves.

Is all well now?

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