Strangers in Our Own Land

It was

the stomach turning,

the topsy-turvy,

the ice-cold palms,

and calm heart rhythm

that tipped me off.

Nothing changed.


A meeting

between two-once-friends

thrown together

by a passing chance

and ripped apart by distance,

begins to surface.


Fleeting texts

and half-broken words

cannot convey

the warmth,

they cannot

keep it alive


A hug,

a cheek kiss,

a conversation;

you’ve changed,

I’ve changed,

and now

we are strangers

in what was once

our own land.

One thought on “Strangers in Our Own Land

  1. Wonderful tableau of a relationship gone-a-gleaming, and the transition from “nothing changed” to “you’ve changed/I’ve changed” is handled deftly. Fine, fine stuff.


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