Vicious Vipers

We are all

vicious vipers

tempting our better selves,

our Eves,

to the long tongued slithering

of nefarious gossip.


A snake has no ears.


our poisonous words

do not injure,

but together

they are malignant,

forming tumors

in our society.


When one person

gets an excess

of carnards

stuck between their fangs,

then a surgery is bound

to occur.


This is not

a good thing always.

If it’s a community project,

to many scalpels spoil the broth

as too many cooks

join in the hunt.


The societal venom spreads

from the dripping poison fangs

into a no-longer-thought-innocent fellow’s

beating heart.

She is dehumanized,


and the accusers forget

she still has a heart.


So you would-be

vicious vipers,


when they come for you,

who will be left?


Note: I am aware that snakes possess hearing mechanism, but their lack of outer ear is what I referring to.

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