A Nervous Tick

It’s always there,

in a ticking

foot tapping

teeth chattering

eye twitching


that exploded a while back.


They might think

that with my nagging



and blaming,

I’ve lost my sanity,

but that’s simply not true.


I’m completely sane.

I understand everything


Each word is a painful jab,

each motion is an insult.

Everything is clear to me

through a thin haze of red.


My isolationist aspirations

of wanting to be free from it all,

are called antisocial and selfish.

But weren’t those present,

calling me and blight and bother?

But even they,

can’t shut it out.


To combat the loud world,

I need to be equally loud,

hopefully in a healthy way.

I need to allow myself to vent:

to scream away the mental pain

with the loudness of a reality I create.


I can hope

the ticking goes down,

to a buzzing lull,

but it’s like a clockwork.

Once it explodes it resets

and the new day begins.

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