Did IIIII Do Something Wrong?

Did I do something wrong?

Why have you gone silent?

I thought we parted


Was I wrong?


Sweet little birds,

flit in and out of bright eyes.

I flitted in and out

of your life.

Even after I was physically gone,

I kept up with you


with the aid of technology.


Remember me?


was a round rose.

I wished you happiness,

I said you were beautiful,

I meant it.


It takes at least two,

not one,

to make a friendship.

I tried to even it out

mixing the banal

with hardened gossip.

Was it to uneven?

Was your brain cut

as with a knife?

How can I repair it?



I learned your favorite

shows, podcasts, topics and language.

Was this too much?

Did I suffocate you?


I thought this time I had changed,

I became a better person,

than last.

Is this not true?


I, I, I, I

is this why you

left me?


Or was I simply


My importance paramount,

in my own eyes,

but not in yours.


However it was

I want to know,

I don’t want to repeat myself

in the future.

But good bye,

for now.

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