Wanting to Forget

 “We must never forget

what horrible thing has occurred.

We shall tell it to our children

and our children’s children

so it is never forgotten,

history must not repeat itself.”


Is what was said to the child

at an age where her heart

was still made of soft flesh

and clear glass.


To her that had only known

whole bliss and sweetness,

this annual bitter narrative

of reality’s harsh past,

was a terrifying bite.


She didn’t yet understand,

how to process.

She didn’t yet understand

how to separate the importance

from the monstrosity.

She saw only monstrosity.


So year after year,

she tried to block it out.

She didn’t want to hear

the history,

the suffering,

the loss,

and the bereavement.

She just wanted

to forget it all.

So she threw away

that part of her identity

and stored it deep below

her self decided identifications.


Those identifications,

weren’t beyond their own

terror, horror and loss.

But at least now

she was old enough

to understand and conceptualize

the importance.


In the studies of the new,

she rediscovered the old.

Her fellows knew much more about it

then she who tried to forget it.

It is true,

her truth had once been

the opposite of never forget.

She was new at identifying with this


but at least now

she was willing to listen.

4 thoughts on “Wanting to Forget

  1. Latest-

    Can’t say I liked this one, more important, think I understood:

    Suggest additional last line:

    “And try to understand”


  2. This is fantastic! This is my favorite part: “at an age where her heart was still made of soft flesh and clear glass”

    I’m so glad you included “Holocaust” in your labels. It certainly added depth and framing to my reading.


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