Hints of Sour Acidity in Candyland

It crackles

and hisses

in a most displeasing fashion.

I want to cover my ears

to blot out it’s noise.

But I’m afeared

that something more sinister

is yet to come.


When I fall to temptation

my hands are seen

and they are swiftly



Mixed in the harsh words

of before

are now sugary doughy words made

to look like a grandmother’s baking.

It’s guilting me!


It’s quite unsettling

to hear crackles and whistles

and not be able to block them out

due to the fear of harming

the virtuous sweetness.


Everyone else has already

been drawn in by the honey trap,

I can’t speak an ill word of it

without being refuted.


I don’t think it’s a mask.

I don’t think it’s two faces.

I don’t know what it is.

But I know it’s not imaginary

because I’ve heard the rumors

that something is rotten

in bewitched’s state of Candyland!

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