Lockless Metal Box

I hid it

where everyone first hides their secrets,

in a lockless metal box

deep in my head.

Of course, like for most,

this didn’t exactly last

as long a I imagined it would.


A lockless metal box

is not a light article

and it weighed heavy on my soul.

So I took my saw

and popped a hole

into the once airless box.


She said she would keep

it a secret locked deep within

her big ‘ole heart.

She didn’t know it then,

but she lied.


Her box was now

connected with mine

and when she couldn’t bear the weight anymore

she poked another hole

and let someone peek through.


This became a cycle,

my once secure metal box

began to take on the appearance

of lace and what was once holy,

became common knowledge.


But my secret’s ideal conditions

were in the dark and airless

metallic vessel

that once existed.

It couldn’t survive

in the airy light

so it evaporated or disintegrated

into nonbeing.


This was written for dVerse’s secrets theme.

15 thoughts on “Lockless Metal Box

  1. really well done…and that is exactly how it happens…secrets are not light…they weight heavy…and we dont carry them well…soon enough we have to share…and the next thing you know…a secret is no longer secret….they never really last that way long…funny how we think they will….


  2. that is very interestingly described – i think it’s true – those secret that weigh so heavy on the soul cannot survive in daylight… a good cure… i like the images you use


  3. ooh, yes! I really love these lines

    “This became a cycle,

    my once secure metal box

    began to take on the appearance

    of lace and what was once holy,

    became common knowledge.”

    so true, and secrets corrode us, just the way rust corrodes metal…this is wonderful!


  4. Somehow, I have harbored some secrets for a life time, told little lies so often relative to them that the lie becomes the new truth. It only weighs heavy on my innards when reminded of my covert dishonesty by accident, as when I read your lovely mysterious poem. My mother died at 39 without ever telling me who my father actually was. I have always felt her secret ate her alive, let her become a host to cancer.


  5. Of course it depends on the secret, but the can be quite burdensome, much like your heavy metal box, which is a great image, by the way. Sharing a secret can lighten the load, but we must be careful with whom we trust. The metaphors in your poem inspire introspection.


  6. All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.

    ~Swami Vivekananda

    Creativity, brilliance, and inspiring. I love this poem in so many ways and the imagery is right on the spot.

    Perfect! 🙂


  7. We are studying the word “holy” in my Bible study this week and the meaning we’ve been discussing is to be “set apart.” The perfect definition to fit this word into your poem of a secret once set apart but now well known and common. Nice job. Peace, Linda


  8. IN my life at least.. the online experience has allowed me to pursue my greatest fears and weaknesses exposing them to the world.. and letting them go.. with pain never coming back again in secrets of fear that close heArt down in numb that is better as pain..experienced and let go.. no more.. as secret fear….to close a heart to life as love..:)


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