Action Makes Progress: A Thing of Blood & Tears

Turning around

and walking

past the times and accomplishments

of the present

and back into the murky already-occurred.


I regret

You regret

They regret


Even if



& They

could walk back

into what has already occurred,

would our meddling help?


By stopping past

bad happenings,


and deaths,

would we really stop them?

Or would they just continue

in larger and quieter massacres?


I, You & They

We all wish to stop them.

Every death is like a gunshot.

But each gunshot bleeds onto the blank sheet

that had previously been considered

not in dire need of remedy.

This brings awareness.


It would be better-

It would be good-

It would be fantastic-

If little ripples of goodwill

made an affect on the larger mind,

but sadly,

they don’t always do.


Progress is not born

from the passive,

it is born from the active.

Action is painful.

Action is heartbreaking.

I, You & They

wish progress

was not a thing often splattered

in blood, tears and heartbreak.

Yet, it is.

3 thoughts on “Action Makes Progress: A Thing of Blood & Tears

    1. I liked this one so much I printed it out and pinned it on the bulletin board in my office.
      The last refrain will be quoted many times!


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