*New Game Start*

Put it on,

take it off,

throw that identity over your shoulder.

Put it as a passed destination on your path,

like an old slough.


Did it get too clammy?

Did the identity begin to drip-drip

between your eyes?

Whatever the reason,

just throw it away,

you can always grow another.




But like a cloak with special pins

or a school ID,

the loss of that identity

will lock you out of some things.

As they say;

“It’s gonna cost ya.”


You can’t say you already

met so-and-so,

that was the old you.

You can’t say you are a member

of this society,

that was the old you.

You can’t say you come from that home-stead,

you have no home.

You’re starting from scratch,



As a new unformed personality,

free from the old restraints,

everything is back to the basics.

There is no “return to an old save”,

you’ve erased all those.


Freedom there is,

but nothing is truly free.

To have freedom from the past

means you can no longer rely on the past,

so enjoy your “new game”!

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