Only A Little Niche-

“I am afraid,”

said the paper mole.

When she was originally drawn,

these behaviors and this life,

were seen as something to hide.

If found,

they were to be squashed out.


The paper mole,

raised her pup like any normal pup;

with a good douse of tunneling

and grub eating.


But the pup,

still found a way

into a subterranean cave

filled with millions of crystal sparkles

and began to games-keep.


The pup felt compelled,

to care for and tend to her crystal garden.

The paper mole looked on with despair

and decided something must be done.


She told her pup that it is okay,

that she has this obsession,

but other moles must not know.


Yet the pup wants to meet

other crystal-gardeners!

She wants to trade trade secrets,

visit other gardens

and debate grooming methods.

So unbeknownst to the paper mole,

she begins to search for other crystal-gardeners

and finds a plethora.


She tells the paper mole,

that she is wrong about her passion.

Crystal-gardening is quite accepted in this day and age!

Hiding her true self is no longer as necessary

as it would have been in the paper-mole’s time.


But the paper mole must still disagree,

there are still many moles

that were drawn during or before

her time and they have not changed.

Their lack of death means their influence

still have effect on the masses.

The pup has only

found a miniscule niche

in a big wide world.

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