For Those Who Step Forward

I feel

that even if there were

one thousand dogs

living on the moon in harmony,

they could all find their way back to Earth

on a road scented with humanity’s fear.


Fear of the unknown,

the known,

the difficult,

the simple,

the fair,

the unfair,

the solid

and the abstract.


It produces

an inner wish to flee,

but in some it gives birth,

to something else.

Something else rises,

out of the ashes.




When everything hangs by a thread and

morality is compromised,

there are those who feel compelled to act.


They base their actions

in the faith that their strength

will hold out and make a difference.




Some speak of their courage

in the hope that it will

inspire others to act.


Others speak of their courage

in the hopes it will

make people think more of them.


But there are still those others

who don’t wish to speak

of the moments

when they were courageous.

Instead they decide

to keep the moments hidden,

deep within their hearts.

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