She says

she’s from another place,

a secret land,

called Zell.


In this land,

candy witches

and sodden ravens



The nonsensical

becomes sensical,

in this land of hers.


Set, act, turn.


She says she’s an alien,

from another dimension.

My other friends are too,

according to her.


There were two originals.

She is one of those.

She says that they soon “converted” the other two’s

fleshy human souls,

into Zellian souls.


That’s what I learned from the rat

at least.


My friend and her co-original,

come to me too.

They ask if I ever,

felt different,

like I don’t

b e l o n g.


Doesn’t every teenager feel that way?


I deny it all,

it all scares the then me.

So when they congregate,

as Zellians,

I am sent away.

Set, act, turn


Each of them,

has a elemental power;

fire, wind, water and earth.

It’s a perfect quad,

until they lose one of their number,

to another school.

That’s when they invite me again.


I’m no longer scared

of what I view as their

pretend game.

But I still decline.

They view it as real

and I do not.


If I joined in and played along,

it would not be fair to them,

as I would be making a mockery of their world.

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