The Apolitical Armchair

Placed in a living room,

as a feature of décor,

this noble herald of the recline

is privy to every opinion

but lives life un-salient.


When a human arm

smashes down on the chair arm

in enraged passion,

the chair silently endures.


When a human leg

leans against the chair leg,

in weary surrender,

the chair graciously acquiesces

and gives support.


Its creases hush and shush,

as the television roars.

It remains silent through every

political tirade, despite

its occasional role

as a prop in political pantomime.


If it was heard to have a voice

or a mind to dream,

maybe it would protest

its forced servitude

as a captive audience.

But as it is simply a chair,

it remains apolitical in nature.


This was written for Dverse’s Poetics: Make the Abstract Concrete

12 thoughts on “The Apolitical Armchair

  1. would be interesting what that armchair had to say if we would let it… supportive by nature me thinks… like some people in the political landscape as well… no matter what the people up front are doing…? ha


  2. Ha, ha, ha! I can almost see my father’s favourite armchair in this, as he tends to jump up and down, bring his arms crashing down on the arms of his chair, tap for emphasis etc. when he gets excited by something he disagrees with on TV (so nearly all the time, then). Very clever, very well observed! Especially liked the thought of it being used as a prop in political pantomime…


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