Constant fear

of saying too much

or too little.

For me, less is not more,

more is not less,

more is more.




A tipping scale

cannot balance

if more is constantly being added.




If every first meeting,

creates a scale,

than I have a variety of outcomes.

By jumping off the scale,

it ceases to function.

By adding nothing,

it tips and falls.

By adding a little,

it may hit a steady balance.

By adding a lot,

it tips and falls.


I have been on both sides

of the tipping scale.

But nothing does not satisfy me,

But only a little does not satisfy me,

I want more…

which leads to broken scales.




Some scales,

made of a brilliant burnished brass,

boast they can take the weight,

that their metal shafts are sturdy and strong,

but it is what is on the other side of the scale,

it is the balance on from end,

that truly matters.


Many underestimate my side’s

cloying weight.

Many underestimate

their own patience and tolerance levels.




A person with a loquacious appetite,

can lock themselves and their heart

in a bony rib-cage,

but that will only cause starvation.

When a starving person,

greets a potential meal,

they gobble it up in a thrice.

The scale tips with weight




When I watch my figure,

I am always cold…

but it is that very cold

that keeps me alert and safe.

It is when I indulge,

that I feel the most conflicted.

It is then, when I see myself making

the most mistakes.

But it is also then,

when I feel the most joy.

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