Separation or Over-analyzation?

Heart sings,

Brain cries,

Heart stops singing.




The brain rests its weary cranium

on the woody ledge

and asks the mouth to help it spill

its tale of woe…


Once upon a yester-time,

it entered a lush green valley

filled with movement and sound,

where it walked alone.

It tried to imitate all the animal sounds





in an attempt to attract potential comrades,

to seemingly no avail.


Eventually it was picked up

by a hawk

who took it by the shoulders

and showed it how it wasn’t

alone in the world.




The sky was bright in the morning,

rays of gold illuminated the sky

and the hawk claws felt calming


But as the sunlight spread across the earth,

the sun got farther and farther from the ground

and by day’s end, the hawk introduced the brain

to a nest where it was quickly accepted by the chick-occupants.

Then the bird flew away-




At this point in the story,

the brain’s body fell backwards into the nest.

The chicks asked if it was okay

and the brain assured them it was fine.


You see,

the brain had already fallen

long ago

for the hawk.

Like a magpie who spots gold,

it wanted the free flying hawk

back in its clutches.


Without the hawk,

the brain felt alone despite its chick comrades,

but it was only a day apart,

is this truly a story of separation

Or over-analyzation?

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