The Fish/Cat vs. the Head


That can feel and hear.


Connected to the brain,

which can think in response

to what is heard.




A fish,

living in a watery world,

writes a diary,

but the ink

waterlogs and bleeds into the water.




The fish,


rolled up on a fishing line,

flops on the dry air pier,

splishing out the water caught in its gills

this way and that.


The cold sea water

hits the ear

and startles the brain.


The fish

struggles for water.




A cat,

walks in circles,

getting up

and sitting down,

until the perfect place is found.


The cat is picked up,

by another cat

it is angry.


This other cat

would not like it

if it was the one

being picked up.

Hypocritical cat~




The cat falls in water

gasping for air.

Its life story leaks out

in bubbles of air.

As the fish splishing water-

it’s out of its element.


Hooked and flopped

onto the pier,

the cat shivers

and yowls.


It bats the fish

another incarnation of itself

until it is back in the water.




The ears and brain

(hear and process the yowl)

are connected to the mouth

which opens

to criticize the cat.


The mouth says

that is also

did not appreciate the water

but it didn’t need to yowl

and shiver about it.

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