Comet Tales

Taking steps forward

A comet speeding into the future

while being unable to walk backwards;

A comet tail is only so long

it’s the intricate dance of life.


Trailing behind me in my dance

are tails of memory

with baggage tied to the ends.

Long circuits make everything seem

like there is a beginning and an end,

but there really isn’t.

Will I ever file those contents

into my recent memory?


My path split long ago

but today fate takes me

takes a path parallel

to the one previously traveled.

Has the comet made full circle?



The other vessels of space

are simply orbiting past

the comet’s trajectory.

Looking sideways I see

how my old path has progressed

without me.


But just like

the comet

can’t change its own path,

neither can I hop off my road

onto the one below.

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