A Cast of Mirrors

From the ashes

supposedly turned to fertile dirt

I rise with hope for tomorrow

Wearing my old name

On top of my new clothes


Fresh start?

New start?

Words drip like honey

From politicians’ mouths

Slow and sticky

A sweet taste

Hopes for new experiences

(I blunder into a mire.)


A dream in front of me

What I always wanted

I reach for it

With grasping fingers

A mirror of affection


My hands scrape the surface

I want it

I want it

It’s what I wanted

It’s what I wanted

Until it isn’t

And when I stare deep into the sweet mirror

My side shatters


I try desperately to pick up the pieces

Rearrange my side of the mirror

To the time when it was fresh

(and no one was on the other side)

But to no avail

I was the one who ran away.


On the other’s mirror edge

I see my reflection

It doesn’t look good

I deserve it

For shattering a mirror I thought I needed to break

I deserve it

The mirror shattered (seemingly out of the blue)


The other side’s hand

Brushes the glass panel

I am wracked with guilt

For shattering a mirror I thought I needed to break


A mirror is where one see’s oneself

And that reflection

Made me see myself in the other person

And myself as myself

A person who can hurt myself

Is myself

I wouldn’t want to share that

With the other mirror half


Fresh start broken

With steps forward and back

As ripples in a resin

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