Stale Memories

The wind blows

as years pass by,

I am as they say,

a sand column.

The wind scrapes my edges,

shaping me,

smoothing me.

My layers are slowly



I am built up from these layers,

each one makes a portion of my life.


they support me.


But if you flip perception,

they also hold me down.


Dust in the wind,

sand scraping off;

little petty quarrels and people I used to know;

forgotten or forgiven

to my mind.

Sand smothers all.


But even

If to me

they are now

dust in the wind,

what am I to them?


Where strings were left untied

dngling in the wind-

Where apologies were left unspoken

Even if I have

Forgiven myself

Have they forgiven me

A word

I say I’ve changed

A compensation

When I haven’t and can’t help it


Dust speeds away from my pillar

Scraped off in a tempest

Even if it is gone from me

Matter is infinite

and can never

be destroyed

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