Grey Balloon Meet Mockingbird

Grey balloon

floating up in a pixelated sky,

If you hope hard enough

you will must fly.


Grey balloon

looks to the right

It sees fluffy clouds,

but if it stares to hard

they disappear

looks to the left

the clouds look solid

like the airplanes

that sometimes pass through

and looks down

solid ground waits below


The balloon begins to lose hope

and starts to sink.

The boy playing the video game

presses the @ button over and over

but the balloon only sinks more

It falls back a level.


The clouds are so inconstant

and the solid planes are

only with the balloon for

a few minutes of life-time.

The grey balloon loses more

air hope.


The birds circle around

in the sky under the balloon.

The balloon wants to be a bird.

The balloon tries to shape

the hole where the air escapes

into a mouth.


The balloon

has communicated with birds before

but they always leave it

once it passes their level.

They go back to their bird lives

and the balloon is alone again.


The air shapes into a whistle

a whistle shapes

into a bird call.


A mockingbird appears.


Just like the others

it flaps its wings

and helps try to push the balloon

to the next level.


The balloon

Like the whole in its body

begins to open up.

Air flies out.


It finally voices its fears

that this bird

will leave it,

just like the others.

It gives voice to that

and many more anxieties.

The balloon fears it said too much.

The bird listens.


They pass into the next level up.

The balloon gets ready

to say its good byes.

But the bird, doesn’t leave.

The balloon

quivering inside

says it knows that the bird

has other birds to return to

afraid of loneliness again

But the bird doesn’t leave.


The bird says

that it will never abandon the balloon.

The balloon cries cumulonimbus tears.

The boy playing the game is happy

now he has a second playable avatar.

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