Clue Phone

Daddy says that at birth,

every child gets the blue prints

to build something called a clue phone.

Problem is, I don’t know

where those blue prints are.


“What’s a clue phone daddy?”

“It’s a sort of device that

notifies a person that the Earth

is right here and the sky is

up there.”


The kids in my class

say they’ve never heard

of these clue phone things.

They don’t have the blueprints.

Maybe theirs are built in?

My dad and a few others

know what it is though,

they tease me about lacking one

when I misunderstand or something like that

and I join in

mocking myself

trying to be part of the throng.


As I get older,

the idea of the clue phone begins to fade,

but the footprint of the clue phone

is now tattooed into my skin.

Just as the label clueless

is tattooed on my mind.


Years later,

when I am getting an


I ask the doctor

if he sees a phone shape

imbedded in my tissues

Maybe a clue phone is like adult teeth,

something that forms


The doctor asks what I’m talking about.

He’s been through medical school

and he never once heard of a thing

such a clue phone


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