Breaking Silence

Everything’s alright

It’s all O.K.

Wrapped up in blankets

Surrounded by the warmth of

My own bed


Mums the word


I can hear myself thinking


The world around me is silent

As the clock ticks

And the pendulum



And backwards


The news is off

Nothing’s wrong

The radio is muted

Nothing’s wrong

The phone is disconnected

The wire hangs

Nothing’s wrong


It’s a good world, Mr. Stuffed Animal

I have a great life, Ms. Rabbit

I have lots others could envy, Zir Giraffe


As silence sits dead

Outside my ear door

While just past the threshold

The Quiet Game

Is a failure

As facts and benign sentences

Break the rules

And slam against the lip gates


Mums the word



Yes, it’s a word

Said out loud in silence

In an attempt

To stop the other words

From flooding


But if that one word

Is said aloud

Is it really silent anymore?

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