Growing Plants (P-la+in-ts)

A seed planted in the Earth

the hard heavy earth

hits the ceiling

over and over

trying to break through.


Roots break up the rubble

and the plant forces itself through

its brown sky,

to taste the golden juices of the sun.


It grows,

it thrives,

but the rocks under it

that keep the plant in place,

that pushed the rock high up,

hurt the plant.

It can grow,

but each inch

has hidden pains.

The coils of the plant are vibrant green.


But eventually the pain of the rocks


the joy from the golden drops of the sun

and the plant works

to have them removed.


But with each rock it removes,

it can’t reach the sun,

it turns less vibrant.

Is it dying?

Is it dying…


Or has it simply been

moved to a different plane.

A different form of existence.

Will it one day bloom again.

Is this fall?

Was that summer and spring?

Or is my perception half empty?

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