Out of the mist and onto the boat,

a traveler goes

knowing that this is the last time

he may call that land home.


The place he left

is one where he can never return.

The place he is going to

is one he thought

he would never

return to.


This is the land

of the traveler’s foremothers.

This is the land

that the traveler does not

identify with.

This is the land

that the traveler must

adapt to.


When memories of the other land

haunt the traveler,

and when people comment

on his accent,

the traveler smiles

and explains

that this is the land of his foremothers.


But even with this genealogical tie,

he still can’t identify.

The traveler sees what they see as fact,

as anthropology.


When the custom and traditions

fly over his head,

when people ask

if he truly has any genealogical bonds,

he wonders the question they ask

“why is he here?”

“Is he a native of that other land?”

“He is obviously not

a native of this land.”

“So who is he?”

“Why is he here?”


The traveler does not know

Where to go~

What to do~

When people who say they accept him

reject him as one of their own.

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