Beyond the Parrot

A little parrot

Speaks the words

Of it’s father

Hoping the father

Will hear

The sincerity in its voice


But the father looks


Thinking that

The baby parrot

Is just


His words

Without understanding them


In truth

The baby

Does not understand

The words of the father

And is just saying them

So the father

Will be impressed

By how much his words

Are revered

But he is not.


The baby parrot


A wider vocabulary

But after the initial


Father parrot does not

Look back

At the bird of his flesh

Flying at his side


The baby parrot

Widens his vocabulary

And has discussions

With his mirrored reflection

He talks to the mirror

And blames it

For what he himself has done

Telling the father

The mirror is to blame


The father loves the mirror

He loves looking

At his reflection inside

But he knows

That it is a helpless

Sheet of slanted glass

It has no power in this world


The baby

Lacking his father’s attention

Father Narcissus

Smashes the mirror

And gains the opposite

Reflected backwards in a broken mirror

Of what he desired

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