Salt Pillars

I look back

I long to speak

My memories

Even though I was warned

I would turn to salt

If I looked back


Checking behind my boat

Looking at the reeds

Trying to see

That similar person

Who’s lifeline

Long split away from mine


Like tears

The water is salty

And I can’t physically

Go back

As the current

Only flows forward




In the amusement park of life

I mount a merry-go-round

I keep turning in the same direction

Does the circle have no end?

Kids and adults get on

And go off.


I met this person

On the merry-go-round

They said they would

Weather the ride with me

But when I looked back

They were gone.


Sounds echo into my mouth

As words fly by

Beating hearts cry

Does this break my fast of silence?


I called for them

Echoes did not


Like a shadow

Their presence grew and

Shrank in my mind

Until it was a button


At some point

After I had given all up for nought

It became


For them to visit the fair

See the merry-go-round again


But I feel cheated

I weathered

And now it is too late

For that person to hold my hand

That horse has rusted

And I daren’t turn back

To revive ties I took for broke

Least my tears

Turn me into

A pillar of salt

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