She’s Not a Penguin

A penguin

(sweet seeming

from your far off glance)

This chosen animal

is really not

your cuddly vision of it


Said the woman

In the bottle

“I want to be

Sweet seeming

I want to change.

I even look the part.”


But could she act the part?

The penguin waddled~

Tried to walk on wattle~

But fast.

She got angry!


The angry red

of the bowtie

on a penguin.




But wait.


don’t wear bow ties,

it’s a fake!


She’s not a penguin!

It’s not her nature!

It’s just habit.




“It hurts”



“I don’t want

to change,

it’s been so long

and I’ve gotten used to…


Always being-

En garde


“How can I

Be the kind person

you want


when I bare my beak

in fear

you will

As you always have



Into the snarling leopard seal



Zoo penguin~

Falls into old actions.


New actions


Will take


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