Spotted Wool

This single mammal,

was raised

as a ____ lamb.

But over the years that ___ness changed

into something else.


The lamb visited many schools and

each school

sought to dye the lamb’s wool

its own personal shade of personality.


Each location

tried to pull the wool

over the sheep’s eyes

in one way

or another.


After leaving each of the locations,

the sheep,

would go and cleanse in the native waters

of its homeland,

trying to look presentable.


But after each year,

each time the sheep bathed,

a little less of the dye

would be washed away.

So the sheep

became a spotty sheep.


Now, at each new potential place of belonging,

the sheep searches for

a herd of sheep

that match its wool patterns.


A herd of sheep

it can talk openly with.

A herd of sheep

with whom it can belong and migrate with.


But year after year,

this is becoming harder and harder;

too many changes

and too many flocks.

Will this sheep

ever find

a doppelgänger?


Or has the sheep been searching for

the wrong thing

this whole time?

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