Why Can’t Birds Attend?

Lion looked at Cheetah. “We’re both carnivores,” he stated, “so let’s have a party!”

They gathered pink balloons and made oodles of blood sausage. Lion drew up the guest list and Cheetah mailed them out. Everything was ready and set to go when the guests arrived.

Mr. Liger came first, with the gift of coupons for free tattoos as party-favors. Next was old Ms. Ocelot with a bouquet of red carnations. After her was House-Cat. They (as House-Cat preferred to be referred), brought a box of meat pastries. Last to arrive was Tiger, she brought nothing, but was overjoyed to get a coupon from her favorite tattoo parlor.

After the guests had all arrived, they settled down to a game of Monopoly. Mr. Liger won, but only because he cheated and had extorted money from poor Ms. Ocelot. A few games of poker were played in quick succession, with the crowning moment being an irate Cheetah reading the rules to Mr. Liger as he would to a cub. After this, House-Cat suggested dinner and everyone decided that they had had an excellent idea.

After dinner, the guests had a few drinks and the conversation fell into a lull. But that lull was broken when Tiger got up and began to address the party.

“This has been a fantastic party! Let’s have another sometime soon!” she said with zeal.

Everyone whole-heartedly agreed, and Lion and Cheetah said they would consider it. The mood swiftly took a sour turn however, when House-Cat suggested that their friends, Eagle and Hawk, should come to the next party.

“But they are birds, they will ruin everything with the feathers and squawking. Besides, they have beaks and don’t chew their food, how disgusting is that!” moaned Ms. Ocelot.

“They also have all these diseases, it would be dangerous to share food, let alone a house with them!” added Tiger.

“I thought this was a carnivore party,” calmly stated Mr. Liger, “aren’t they carnivores too?”

“Well yes, but-“ started Ms. Ocelot.

“It can’t hurt to let them attend one party and see what happens,” said the open-minded Cheetah.

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