The Sky Is Falling

How many watch the sky,

trying to see

if it will fall on their head(s)?


It is a feeling which is not


like the vocal reading

of a fairytale.


This feeling is


words reverberating

through the brain

and down the spinal cord.


The head turns,

To look behind?

the arms fan out

To protect the head?

and the heart is

Is it fear?

always in the act of quickening.


The ears

are growing

Bigger and bigger.

The eyes

are widening,

with the blacks

constantly looking out

of the slits.


Those who see,

scoff and say

it was just

an acorn.

They think that

this reaction

is overreaction.


But those who know

Do they really know or are they taking advantage?

whisper with the crier.

They kill all doubts

that the sky might not have fallen on the head,

that it might have been

an acorn.


Together, the crier

and endorser

sneak off to a secret cave

to discuss apocalyptic fears.

But what is really happening in that cave?

Story of Chicken Little

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