A Circle Has No Bottom

Sea glass bottle

submerged in the ocean.

A thin diameter separates

the sea from sky.


On one side of the line,

Down from up

fish with

silver scales

glinting like sheet metal

soar through

ocean mist.


Flipping the glass,

Up from down

little planes

with wings

like colossal fins

swim through

soaking nimbus.


But how can I tell

which is down and which is up?


Top is blue.

Bottom is blue.

Bottom is liquid.

Top is watery.

Top has a painted coat over metal skin.

Bottom is dressed in scales.


Does it really matter

which half moon of the sea glass

I gaze through?


A circle is round.

It has no end.

It has no corners.

It has no flat sides to rest on.

As it spins and the diameter

traces every edge,

it will be of no consequence

what was up and down in that past time.

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