Dying Peach Sun

A door closes,

with a bang

and a hush

I may never see these people again.


Shadows long,

with eyes facing forward

towards the dying-peach sun,

they walk out of

the empty doorway

sticking out of hourglass sand.


Their backs are a shade of dark indigo

caused by a frontal lit sun

shining on faces

I may no longer recognize

in years to come…


Leaning on the wood

of my own doorway

I too (try to) walk out of it,

only to be stopped in yet another.


This new doorway

is still made of the same wood

that grows out of my tree of life.

In reality I have not moved,

I have only shifted my perception,

all I did was reinvent myself.


Long ago

we parted paths in physical reality,

but I continued to meet my memories of you

in the mental reality belonging to me.


I have revisited

memories that sink,

memories that delight,

and memories that haunt


I have never forgotten

your names.

The names

of those who made an impression on me

as I made an impression on them;

of those that hurt

and those whom I hurt.


I wish I could apologize,

but the last I saw of you

the indigo blue darkness swallowed our ties.

Time has worn away

all familiarity

and lifelines.


It is too late for you.

It is too late for me.

I may feel regret.

You may feel regret.

But I hope that

if there inevitability

that we meet again,

when we do,

I hope you don’t

recognize me, even if I

recognize you.


I hope you see me

in a new light

and I can see you in a new light.

A light so bright

that it overlays the fading past

and I have the chance

to make it up to you.

to make a new impression on you.

As I hope you use your chance

to overwrite my impression and memories of you.

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