The Balloon That Rushed to the Sky

The girl

I once was,

holding a balloon,

rushing out

of the photograph.


She’s leaving it,

to travel to the present of I.

She wants to see her dream

finally come to pass.


She’s traveling out of her

sepia grass

into her greener future.




The present I

has reached the sky

that the girl in the picture

wished the balloon would lift her too.

But that present I,

is not happy.


The grass is not greener,

the journey and years

have taken their toll

with eye bags heavy.

Her victory

is no longer sweet to me.


In the sky,

wet clouds and rain,

thunder and lightning,

the giants of the upper world,

battle it out.


Wanting to close my eyes,

wanting to

rest in my cerebrum,

go to REM sleep

and visit with

that photo’s girl.




In the littler girl’s dreams,

she meets a woman,

who haunts and stalks,

telling her

not to take

the road she had been wishing for-


-ever since she read that poster

with the strong career man


with teeth like tombstones.

She had wanted his job.


The elder woman

tells her

it is not good,

to get a new dream…


But the girl,

doesn’t listen.


she says she will

choose her own path.

She will achieve.

She will ascend.

And reach her skyward dreams~


She doesn’t yet know…

that there is vast emptiness

beyond the sky,

that rainbows

are insubstantial,

that what she dreams of

is only a mirage

covering a harsh reality.


All she knows

is that that is her dream

and she will follow it

until the end!

2 thoughts on “The Balloon That Rushed to the Sky

  1. It may not be a mirage-no human or any so called superpower can say.  I for one, have experienced a beautiful balloon ride, far exceeding all dreams.

    Recently, an amazing cake came my way-I am seeking, high and low, for another taste to spice my trip again.




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