Memories Reflected in a Broken Egg

Warm comforting day,
I am day-dreaming it away.
First of fairy tales;
The Princess and the Frog,
Snow White,
Puss and Boots,
the usual crowd,
all occupy my mind-space.


Then I see it,
the most beautiful dream,
sitting in my mind,
mixing an intoxicating brew,
out of half-forgotten memories.
It’s calling for me to revisit
the golden hours shining forth
Like the yoke of a broken egg.
from the past that I wish to forget.
Why do you tempt me so….?


Sitting there on the stone wall,
Between memory and my present state of mind
swinging your high heeled shoes,
Sharp enough to crack Humpy Dumpty,
who fell off the wall,
to never be put back together again.

lipstick bubblegum pink,
smiling and reminiscing,
on what once was.


Oh how I hate thee.
Stupid memories,
making me think happy thoughts
as though trying to over-shine the bad.
They are lying to my head
that Humpty Dumpty didn’t fall apart.
Even though I see this vision
reflected out of the golden yolk
of a broken rotten egg.

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