A Hellish Question… Is There a Divine Answer (or not)???

Sitting in a room

A desk

Tapping. Tapping. Tapping.


Don’t care about

This ideology


Sitting in a room

An ear

Half-listening. Half-listening. Half-listening.


According to her

I am destined for her god’s version of damnation


Sitting in a room

A brain

Whirring. Whirring. Whirring.

Trying to entertain

She talks and talks about requirements

I tick each box with red X


Sitting in a room

It’s a game

Watching. Watching. Watching.


No matter what, according to her, I’m screwed

All those goods things (her Heaven) promised

A golden mist evaporating in my hot flames




It’s a good thing I don’t believe in her Hell


But I also don’t believe in her Heaven


I simply believe in myself and this life




People say they know what is to come

What is to be

Where it all ends up

How we will finish our spinning, spinning, spinning

Down the drain into the next life.


They say they have the answer

But everyone has one~

Everyone’s a bottle with their life written on a paper inside

We are all bottles that go spinning, spinning, spinning

Down the drain



Each bottle hopes that its paper is true

Each bottle wants to clog the drain


But there are millions of bottles

All traveling

Some in fleets

And some solo

Some claiming to have a certain answer (with varying “proofs”)

While others simply



We will all eventually go down the drain

And then

We will see who is _____

And who is ______


But will it just be all that black and white?

One thought on “A Hellish Question… Is There a Divine Answer (or not)???

  1. I have been thinking about WHAT is NEXT a great deal in the last three years. My Mom died three years ago at the age of 94…she was followed by my sister who was 63 and then my youngest brother died last year at 62. My Dad died at 78…my oldest two brothers died at 19 and at 6. No pattern. Just up and died. I still have 7 siblings…what do they talk about when we meet (which only seems to be at funerals)–WHICH one of us will be next? LOL Then people say, “Only the Good Die Young”—so I figure I have a long way to go! …more pertinent…What is hell? What is heaven? I think we are living a bit of hell on Earth…and lately, I have been hoping that maybe there is reincarnation…though I was brought up a strict Catholic. I found your piece very accurate in presenting the confusion we face in facing our demise. Great writing!


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