A Fleeting Hope; Eternal Summer

Falling ice


In a circle around me

Never ending





I remember spring

And summer.

When everything was wet and fluid

And flowed

In direction filled with promise

But that all began to clot

And contort into

Icy lines


Like everything else always has

Into a cold fall





The storm clouds rage

Time is passing

Introductions were made

Life has been spent

Time has passed

And now it is time

For the final season of the year

To hit hard as rocks

As it always has

As it always will


Whenever I get too comfortable

The water will

The seasons will


Until they hit

The pinnacle of glacial edge

Where only a cold emptiness

Awaits those who seek warmth




It hasn’t always be this way

Life was once

What I was able to hold it in my hands

A double heart;


Seemingly eternal



Like Oz’s ticking heart

Given to the Tin Man

Eventually the clock will stop

And the man will rust

Ceasing to be

Part of this eternity


So like that

Summer slowly faded

Began to be fallen

And fell to winter

Leaving everything left





Time passed

In vignettes

Each one going







An unbroken pattern



And falling

Into each new year

A circle without end


Always looking for

Always dreaming for

An eternal summer

In an ever changing band

Where the eternal of one portion

Is not a valid reality

One thought on “A Fleeting Hope; Eternal Summer

  1. yes,,,life does seem harsh at times…but guess what? I just found my MOUSE! I am not accustomed to the finger keypad (or whatever it is called) and I am lost without my MOUSE. SO I guess that is how it is with these seasons of discontent…we have to wait for the MOUSE to enter and bring us some light!


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