Orange-tinged Memories

Long ago

Story plays back

In my head

It rings

A bell

A memory


And an end

I would never have written


That day

Shut one of my life’s journals






A fiction

A story of my own

About a harsh villain

Who suddenly

Ends up in my life story

Rushing into that day

It is he

Who I subconsciously

Made blond


Rushing and running

A crime repeats

Falling into my Home

Memories rushing

When that book shut

I didn’t want it to end

That way


But this here

This is my fiction

Here I am god

Here I can change

The flow of thing

I can get my revenge


That harsh villain

Thought he was done

After his evil deed

But not here

Not in this story

I know all his flaws

I create them

Out of his loves

And so wreck my revenge

Closing the book

Of my fiction’s life

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