The Stone Man

I am a man. I live my life and suddenly, I fall in love and she loves me back. We are engaged to be married, but first I must meet her parents.


“Something’s not right!” they say, as they look me over with an air of superiority, “He’s not made of stone, he can’t fit in here!”

That’s right, the world around me, is all stone and I am just flesh and blood, I am too weak for life in this underground cavern my bride’s family calls home.

At my side, my marble-white bride gets up and takes my hand as she spins around with a bouquet of desert rose on iron poles, “We can fix the issue,” she says, “we can just make your skin hard as stone and then you can happily live with me, and then we can get properly married!”

She looks happy, her eyes clouded and bright as moonstones.


But what if I don’t want to become stone? I like my form. I thought she liked it too.

I think this as I run, to the gate of her parents’ palace. At the gate I am stopped by my fiancé. The ring on her finger shines bright silver as she sweetly asks where I am headed. AWAY! I think, but out loud I say “Don’t you think you should meet my parents before we do anything?”

“No.” she says, “Let them see the new you for themselves.”

I’m trapped, a man in a nightmare. I thought I loved her… but this is too much after all. My feelings are evaporating the longer I stay. She is clinging to me everyday, her family is preparing the special brew to induct me into their clan circle and make me one of them.


They all stand around me, practically pushing it down my throat. I fall and they disperse, all except for my “bride”. She looks at me, her eyes as black as onyx. “You know I love you,” she says as she bends down. I try to move, to get away from her but I can’t, my limbs feel heavy. I close the leaden lids of my eyes so as not to see her and when her lips touch mine I feel the chink of stone. My eyes are sealed, my lips are sealed, and my ears are open.

They discuss my fate and wonder why I don’t seem to move. They prod me with sticks and one old uncle says it is because I do not have the strength to lift myself.


For days, months, years in a dead-lock. I am going mad, I hear nothing now, not even my heart, it stopped beating long ago when the potion took effect.


In my delirium I have felt something. A bug crawls up my arms, it skitters and skits, it can move. It has life! I try to move my eyelids, slowly slowly. Everyday I work press and I push. Finally, I can move my lids open a crack. I see nothing but walls around me. I have been placed in a room with walls on all sides. It’s a tight fit, it’s a coffin!

It was then I had an adrenaline rush. I opened my mouth and screamed. It was a horrible sound that lasted for hours, for days…


They eventually dug me up and immediately I began running. I didn’t know where, but I ran and when I reached the gate I jumped it. Out in the real world, my apartment was sold and my bank accounts locked. I had been declared missing.

Nobody recognizes me now. I walk alone with a limp due to my stone body.


Years have passed, I am the same as stone does not age. I am in a park, there is a couple on the bench next to me. They look young maybe their twenties. The woman has ruby red lips and white-marble skin…


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